Frequently asked questions

What happens with the coating during the forming process?

All our coatings are specially developed for each individual application whether it be stamped, punch-bent, or deep-drawn. You as the customer determine the formability, surface and other requirements that must be fulfilled. We will give you recommendations and go through the verification and approval process with you. Together we will find the right surface for your process.

What if I cannot find the surface I want on your homepage?

No problem. Just ask us! We will either together develop your coating or we will find a comparable surface with the same or even better properties.

My product with the desired surface already exists. However, it is currently coated piece by piece. Is it possible to change to coil coating?

Yes, it’s possible! Normally only slight adjustments need to be made for the already existing forming tools. We will gladly support you.

I have not until now used pre-coated strips and would like further assistance to make my decision.

Our recommendation: Let us together develop a cost benefit analysis especially for your product.

For my product I only need to coat a part of the strip – not the entire surface.

This is no problem with differential or longitudinal partial coating. We coat your strips exactly there where you need the coating. Our partial coating is possible on one or both sides, whereas the placement on the front side may vary depending on the placement of the back side.

I need two different coating substances/colors on the front and back of the strip.

This is not a problem if you have the same finish on the front and back. However even special solutions with differing, even different types of finishes on the front and back are feasible, as is the possibility to apply on one side of the coil two different coating materials next to one another.

My product requires coated edges.

We can coat your coil material around its entire dimension, including the coil edges. What remains open after the processing is the punch border that can be placed in such a way during the forming process that it doesn’t play a role optically or technically. We will gladly consult you in this!

Are there any other cost saving opportunities?

Yes, we can coat coil material up to a maximum width of 150 mm currently according to your specifications and you cut the coil to your smaller final measurement. For the cutting process we can deliver the coil to protect the surface with an adhesive foil. A further possibility is the use of a stamp protective coating with which you can reduce your rejection rate.

My substrate material is not made of metal. Is it still possible for coil coating?

Fundamentally yes: all coil and string shaped supporting material that is processed coil to coil can be coated. Ask us also about coating non-metal materials.

My product is still in the development phase and I first need a small quantity for initial processing (pilot production).

We can help you! For the very first tests we need 1 to 2 meters of the original material so that we can develop your hand sample. For an installation sample (surface complies with the later production series) we need approximately 300 – 500 meters of original material. Of course we can sample various surfaces for your tests.

Is your question not included?

If we were not able to answer your question in this way, then please send us an email. We will gladly contact you personally when you give us your desired appointment for a call back.