Our competencies

Substrate materials

Technical information

Ferrous: Carbon- & Alloy Steel/HQS-High Quality Stainless Steel
Non ferrous metals: aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium
Others e.g. woven products, carbon-/glass-fiber, textiles etc.

Strip thickness

0,05 - 0,80 mm. (Others upon request)

Strip width

2,5 - 150 mm

Minimum length of coil

300 consecutive meters

Smaller quantities

upon request

Coil inner diameter

300 - 500 mm

Coil outer diameter

up to 1,250 mm

Coil weight

up to 750 kg


coils or spools


Coating material

PUR, acrylate, PTFE, primers, etc.

Coating application

  • one sided, double-sided, partially on one side, partially on both sides
  • multiple and edge coating possible
  • different coatings on front and back possible

Coating thickness finish

up to 50 µm

Coating thickness extrusion

from 100 µm


various, depending on the coating material

Degree of shine

as desired

Surface protection

application of an adhesive foil or an interleaving paper layer possible


  • adhering (rubber/plastic–metal to metal)
  • chemically resisting
  • decorating
  • electrically insulating
  • conducting
  • impregnating
  • increasing mechanical properties
  • friction reducing
  • sliding/slippage reducing
  • sealing
  • thermally isolating
  • protection against:
    abrasion, cold, corrosion, heat, noise, temperature, vibration, acids and alcalines/hydrocarbons etc.


  • Cost reduction
  • Process optimization
  • Constant higher quality within in-line production


  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Computer
  • Mobile telephone
  • White goods
  • Metal fittings
  • Advertising material


Härter, Bosch-Siemens, 3M and reputable mobile phone manufacturers


DIN ISO EN 9000–2008 certified