Quality control



DIN ISO EN 9001-2000



EN 10204/3.1.B with Rm/Rp/D-Ra/HV-bent-/deep-drawn test values etc. in compliance with the original substrate suppliers certificate


Coating indications

Organically coated coils on one- or two-sides, differently or partially coated on one- or two-sides with layer thickness up to 50 microns


Test equipment for

layer thickness
deep-drawn test value
color metrics
degree of gloss
cross cut
atomized salt spray
condensation water

Measuring and testing techniques

1. Layer thickness:
Our measuring instruments for layer thickness are based on the magnetic inductive procedure or the eddy current procedure and complies with the following norms: DIN 50982, DIN EN ISO 2178 und 2360, ASTM B 499, B 244 und BS 5411.

2. Color metrics (DE or ∆E)
Color measuring equipment based on the spectral procedure in accordance with DIN 5033. The measuring geometrics is diffus/8° by polychromatic diffused light. The receiving optic watches the reflecting light under an angle of 8° on a test surface.

3. Cross cut tests
Cross-Cut-Tester; Cat. Nr. 5120, 1 mm, DIN/ISO, 6 cut edges using brushes and magnifying glass, test according to DIN 53151, ISO 2409, ASTM D 3002, ASTM D 3359.

4. Gloss measurement
Reflector meter for measuring gloss factor: The principle of the reflector meter is based on the measurement of the targeted reflection. To do that the intensity of the reflecting light is measured in a small area of the reflection angle. DIN EN ISO 2813 DIN 67530 ASTM D 523 ASTM D 2457.