Single piece coating

If endless coating means no solution since e. g. the punched edges need to be closed.
If the geometry of parts requires an all-around coating
If the required surface is unsuitable for deformation
If the required coating layer should exceed 30 µm
If the quantities are too small for endless coating.
If the surface has to be the last working step on the component

then we suggest our Single Piece Coating.

Single piece coating
Single piece coating

What we can offer:

  • Job-coating, (including partial coating) of finished metal parts with wet varnish and thermally activateable adhesives.
  • Powder coating (sliding, sound-absorbing, temperature-resistant, insulating, corrosion protection, robust surfaces etc.)
  • Plastic coating
  • Screen printing
  • High flexibility for all lot sizes and single pieces.

Part cleaning of flat components

You require a clean surface (free from punching oils and drawing oils) for your flat components / punched parts? Feel free to contact us. We‘ll clean your components upto a size of 500 × 1.000 mm in an environmental-friendly manner.