Profiling / Cambering of Strip Material

What material do we profile / camber?

Materials / Substrates Spring steel strips, for example made of the materials 1.4310 or C75
Material Thicknesses 0,1 – 0,4 mm, other material thicknesses on request
Material Widths 10 – 40 mm, other material thicknesses on request
Material Design Endless Profiling on coil or part profiling

How do we Profile / Camber?

By means of our self-designed and state-of-the-art cambering machine, we can introduce a concave hollow curvature into spring steel strips. This concave curvature gives the spring steel strip greater longitudinal and transverse stability. As an additional function, a self-coiling effect can be introduced into the profiled strip.


What do We Profile / Camber?

Snap Tapes / Slap Wraps

The spring steel strip band is concave-curved and receives the rewind effect as an additional function. The snap tapes can be automatically cut to any desired final length. Afterwards, the snap tape is covered with a reflective foil by our customers, thus providing the classic and familiar look.

Endless cambered belts for the industry

The spring steel strip band is cambered and coiled endlessly according to our customers’ length specifications. This form of cambered strip band can be used in machine and plant construction.

As a provider of innovative coating solutions, we made it our goal to set standards in quality and progress. Our coating solutions are constantly adapted to the changing needs and applications of our customers as well as those of the market.

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485 certification is in preparation.