Innovation out of tradition

At the time when an elector ruled in Kassel, the city was an important place for geodesic manufactories. Albert Meywald worked as a locksmith in such a company: at Otto Fennel, a company which had existed since 1851. The intended closure of the department of “Geodesic Length measuring tapes” motivated Albert to set up his own business in this field in 1921 and to manufacture all the necessary machines himself:
That was the start of the Albert Meywald company.

Our 100-year Company History:


Foundation of the company in Kassel at Kantstraße 5 by Albert Meywald

1936 Entry in the commercial register


Death of the company founder. Takeover by Herbert & Günter Meywald. Orderly closure due to the war.

1944 / 1945

Destruction of the Kassel plant by bombing.


Company reopening by Günter Meywald in a building of a former cardboard factory at Wrexen
(belonging today to Diemelstadt). However, there were problems with moisture there.


Move to Arolsen, into the premises of the former commissary bakery of the military barracks


The company was growing fast and more space was needed. Therefore, another move followed to the former vehicle hall on the site of the military barracks.


After a devastating fire, the production hall was no longer usable. Mr. Fernau, a guild colleague of Günter Meywald and company fitter at the local brewery provided him some room at the workshop where he could build new machines.

Günter acquired from the city of Arolsen a plot of land near the kindergarten of Helsen town where a new factory of limited size was built.


Presentation of the world’s first professional measurement tape (up to 100 m length) with high-contrast scaling under a clear plastic cover


Acquisition of the production site at Mengeringhausen. For two years, the Meywald company operated two production sites at Helsen and Mengeringhausen.


Entry of the third generation: Dr.-Ing. Volker H. Meywald.

Operation of the sole permanent factory at Arolsen-Mengeringhausen.


Start of the strip coating division: Coil-coating of metals and textile strips materials as semi-finished products for industrial use.


Award of the Hessian Innovation Price for an electronically supported measuring system.


75th company anniversary in 1996 in the Mengeringhausen town hall


Initial certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000


Introduction of the brand meyband®- coated narrow strips


Björn Meywald joins the company as Managing Director in the 4th generation.


Start of the wire and rope coating division, construction and commissioning of the first wire and rope coating plant. Brand extension to meyband & draht®


Construction and commissioning of the second plant for wire and rope coating, quadrupling the previous capacity.


Construction and commissioning of a cleaning and pre-treatment plant for wire


Company expansion / Hall extension


Construction and commissioning of the third wire and rope coating plant for medical technology


Installation of a solar panel system on all hall roofs for own power consumption


Construction of a fourth plant for coating wire and rope


Expansion of the company / Hall extension. Relocation of the medical technology activities into a separate hall